Master Viscometers

PSLRheotek Master Ubbelohde Viscometers. These may be supplied as a viscometer scale stepped up from the primary standard of water.
Alternatively, individual sizes of Master Viscometers can be supplied calibrated against the reference (master) viscometer scale held at the PSL Laboratory. Calibrated in accordance with ASTM D2162. The use of Master Viscometers requires dedicated holders and a constant temperature viscometer bath with extra depth.

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  • Ubbelohde Master Viscometer

    Master Viscometers PSL-Rheotek

    Master Viscometer (ASTM D2162) Ubbelohde
    Complete with UKAS Certificate of calibration (ISO 17025). Laboratory No. 0247.

    Mater Viscometer Specifications:
    ASTM D2162

    Master Viscometer Test Methods:
    ASTM 2162

    Part No. 1690

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