PP & PE - ASTM D1601 - Decahydronaphthalene PSL-Rheotek

Polymer Standard suitable for verifying the PSL Rheotek RPV Polymer Viscometer as well as other manual and automated polymer capillary viscometers. Standards are designed to test the ability to determine a common value such as relative, reduced, inherent, specific or intrinsic viscosity.
Avaliable in packs of 3 or 10.
Product Name Price Qty
PP & PE - ASTM D1601 - Pack of 3
PP & PE - ASTM D1601 - Pack of 10

Product Description


PSL Rheotek Solution polymer standards are supplied with full instructions on how to achive the best results. In addition, each standard is supplied with a "spreadsheet tool" to allow the user to easily calculate the required results automatically.