Auto PulpIVA PSL-Rheotek

Auto PulpIVA PSL-Rheotek

RPV-1 (2) AutoPulpIVA

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The PSL Rheotek RPV-1  (2) two position Pulp and Cellulose viscometer system is suitable for measuring a wide range of pulp and cellulose products including bleached wood (paper pulp), bleached chemical pulp, digester samples, cotton linters, regenerated cellulose, aged electrical papers and pharmaceutical bulking materials.
RPV-1 Pulp & Cellulose viscometer systems are configured with a unique nitrogen purge system in order to ensure that samples are protected from oxidation during both the sample preparation and viscosity test.

The AutoPulpIVA is the most advanced fully automated viscometer for pulp samples. The system fully integrates sample preparation with water and CED, sample agitation, viscosity measurement, cleaning, calculation and reporting of results.

The RPV-1 is designed to be integrated with the iSP-2 Sample Preparation system for pulp & cellulose.

Other options include Pulp stirring block and RSS Rheotek Smart Sampler.


Test Methods:
ISO 5351 Determination of limiting viscosity number of pulps
SCAN-CM 15:99 Viscosity in cupriethylenediamine solution
ASTM D1795 Intrinsic Viscosity of Cellulose

Part No. RPV-1 APIVA (2)

Product Description



The PSL Rheotek RPV-1 AutoPulpIVA viscometer system fully automates the sample preparation and viscosity measurement for cellulose and paper pulp.

The AutoPulpIVA controls sensitive CED stirring times as wells as maintaining a nitrogen blanket over samples prior to measurment to avoid degradation.

AutoPulpIVA systems are configured with integrated moduls for sample preparation, sample agitation, nitrogen purge and auto sampling. Two samples are measured simultaneously.

Alternatively, a four position system is available with dual zones for handling samples. Flow times are measured automatically using ASTM Ubbelohde viscometer tubes supplied with ISO 17025 certificates of calibration.
Cleaning is carried out in-situ utilizing a safe vacuum system.

The comprehensive RPV-1 software program records all measurement data as well as calculating a wide range of results including relative viscosity, intrinsic viscosity (Limiting Viscosity Number), degree of polymerization (DP), K value, kinematic viscosity (mm²/s) and dynamic viscosity (mPa.s).

Summary of operation:
Operator adds sample to vial, waits for instrument to add correct volume of water, then places vial on to auto sampler stirring block.
- Instrument automatically adds CED and analyzes sample for IV according to ASTM D1795 or ISO 5351

Typically better than 1% coefficient of variation for all samples measured using the RPV system.

4 to 6 samples per hour after initial 30 minute warm up time at start. During warm up time, samples are prepared and added to the auto sampler stirrer block. During continuous use, the warm up time is not required.

Typical applications and configurations:

Test Method ISO 5351 ASTM D1795
Solvent CED solution CED solution
Concentration 0.2-0.5% 0.1-1%
Temperature 25°C 25°C
RPV-1 AutoPulpIVA measuring positions 2 2


Part No. Ordering Information
RPV-1 APIVA (2) PSL Rheotek RPV-1 AutoPulpIVA Viscometer system. Complete with two measuring positions, sample preparation, sample stirring, nitrogen purge and XYZ auto sampler.
RPV-1 APIVA (4) PSL Rheotek RPV-1 AutoPulpIVA Viscometer system. Complete with four measuring positions, dual sample preparation and stirring zones, nitrogen purge and dual auto samplers.


Part No. Options
RPVS010 RPV start up kit including glass vials (144 pcs) and plastic caps (500 pcs)
SIL-OIL Silicone bath oil
MIN-OIL Mineral bath oil
STATPACK RPV StatsPack extraction of results to PC or LIMS
 F100/A/CAL-4  Digital Thermometer with one probe and calibration