RPV-1 Tools & Spares Kit

RPV-1 Tools & Spares Kit

RPV-1 Tools and spares kit  PSL-Rheotek

RPV-1 Spares Kit for standard systems (Gen. 2 ) including essential tools and recommended spares for the first year of operation. Complete list of contents below.

Part No. RPVS007


Product Description


RPV-1 Spares & Essential Tools kit

RPV-1 spares & essential tools kit for standard RPV systems (Gen. 2). Includes filling station cap, spare valves, mini-pump, glass filters for solvent containers, fittings, tube flanging kit and tube cutter.

RPV081             Polypropylene Bulkhead M8 f       
RPV289-REP              Replacment 6V mini-pump assembly for RPV-1
TOOL14-R                            Tube Cutter Red
RPV045              Nylon Screw 6.6 Cheese Head      
RPV077             Glass filter for solvent line - porosity 2 - size small. Recommended for use with the drying solvent (acetone)
RPV061                Peek fitting cone end for 3 mm tubing 
RPV078               Glass Filter for solvent line - large. Recommended for solvent 1/diluting solvent
RPV088           Inverted cone, Tefzel, to fit 3 mm tubing   
RPV004-ASS         RPV-1 - 2 way valve [small] PTFE Assembly. Factory tested and fitted with connectors.  
RPV003-ASS             RPV-1 - 3 Way valve (Small) PTFE Assembly. Factory tested and fitted with connectors.
RPV002                 PTFE tubing 3.00mm OD. Price per metre
RPV044              PTFE tubing 4mm OD x 2mm ID. Price per metre    
RPV041                     Tool flanging kit - essential for preparing tube flanges
RPV033-ASS            RPV-1 - 3 Way Valve [Large] Assembly. Factory tested and supplied with connectors.
RPV082             Polypropylene screw 1/4 x 28 flange type hole to take 3mm tubing
RPV081A            Polypropylene Bulkhead M8 fittings - suitable for 4mm tubing
RPV254             RPV Filling Station Cap      
RPV255             RPV Filling Station Funnel   
RPV126           GL45 Blue Screw Cap with PTFE Insert. 3 connectors with fittings  
AV1028             PTFE Tubing, 4 mm od x 3mm