SCAN Auto Ubbelohde Viscometer C PSL-Rheotek

SCAN Auto Ubbelohde Viscometer type C. Suitable for use with RPV-1 and RPV-2 Automated viscometer systems for the determination of the limiting viscosity number of pulp and cellulose.

Part No. ISO5351-C-AKV


Product Description


SCAN Viscometer The PSL SCAN Viscometer is manufactured in the UK to comply with dimensions and specifications as detailed in pulp testing method ISO 5351:2010. This method has superseeded the method previously known as SCAN CM:1599. In order to carry Determination of limiting viscosity number in cupriethylenediamine (CED) solution in compliance with ISO 5351:2010 a set of 2 viscometers is required.

ISO 5351 Ubbelohde Viscometer type C, calibrated with ISO 17025 certificate