Vacuum System for Bituminous Binders (115V/60Hz)

Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometer
ASTM D2171, EN 12596.Other voltages available. Here shown with TCB-7 Constant Temperature Viscometer Bath.

Part No. 20700-2

Product Description


Vacuum System for bituminous binders
Complete with digital vacuum regulator, vacuum pump, manifold bench top module and glass trap. Supplied complete with UKAS certificate of calibration for pressure.

The vacuum system is designed to be used in conjunction with vacuum capillary viscometers accommodated in a TCB-7 viscometer bath.

The time is measured for a fixed volume of sample to be drawn up through a capillary tube by means of the regulated vacuum supply at a closely controlled temperature (e.g. 60ºC).

Part No. Ordering Information
20700-2 Vacuum system for bituminous binders. Complete system with UKAS certificate of calibration. (115V/60Hz). Does not include Constant Temperature Viscometer Bath.


Part No. Spare Part
20445-1 Vacuum Pump (115V/60Hz)
VAC001-2 Digital vacuum regulator (115V/60Hz)
VAC002 Bench top manifolds with fittings
20402-2 TCB-7 viscometer bath
1676 Cannon-Manning Vacuum Capillary Viscometers
1677 Asphalt Institute Vacuum Capillary Viscometers
1877/A1 Viscometer holder for Asphalt Institute Vacuum Capillary Viscometer