Temperature Calibration


The PSL Calibration Laboratory is accredited and audited each year to ISO/IEC 17025 (2017) in temperature measurement by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Accreditation covers the calibration of precision digital thermometers - typically consisting of  a handset or display module combined with PT100 sensors.

The PSL Temperature Calibration Laboratory has a best measurement capability of  10mK (0.010 deg. C). This level of accuracy is highly suitable for meeting the requirements of secondary reference thermometers used in laboratories as well as demanding test methods such as ASTM D445 for kinematic viscosity.

Different types of digital thermometers (e.g. immersion characteristics) may increase the uncertainty of measurement.

For full details of the PSL Temperature Calibration capability please refer to the UKAS.org - calibration laboratory 0247.

Typical types of precision digital thermometers calibrated by the PSL Temperature Calibration Laboratory:

  • F100 Precision Thermometer (1 or 2 channels) with PT100 probes
  • F200 Precision Thermometer (up to 8 channels) with PT100 probes
  • Precision digital thermometers
  • Digital Contact Thermometers
  • ASTM D445 digital thermometers - temperature calibration



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