Visibility bath with Chiller

Visibility Bath 230V/50-60Hz

Visibility Bath 230V/50-60Hz PSL-Rheotek

Constant Temperature Viscometer Bath Low Cost Stirred Liquid Bath for control of temperature, suitable for Kinematic Viscosity, Solution Viscosity & Density testing. Other voltages available.

  -  Calibration to 0.01ºC
  -  4 Viscometer positions
  -  Small footprint
  -  Cooling coil built in
  -  High - Low warning limits
  -  Splash proof keypad
  -  Range 20ºC to 60ºC

NB: Shown with optional Chiller in the photo

Part No. 20405-1

Product Description


The Visibility bath is very easy to operate. Using the touch pad on the control unit, the set-point is keyed in. The set-point can be programmed and calibrated to two decimal places. Thermometer holder for precision thermometer is built in. Safety features include a  low liquid level switch, an upper temperature limit warning, a low temperature limit warning and a high temperature cut-out device.

Excellent Visibility
The bath construction affords full visibility of up to 4 viscometers, which can be placed in the bath simultaneously.

Simple Design
An advantage of the single walled design is that the Visibility Bath displays excellent temperature stability at 40 degrees C without the use of an external chiller. This makes the Visibility Bath an excellent choice for testing the Kinematic Viscosity of Biodiesel for product specification.

Built in cooling coil
The Visibility bath can be used from 20 to 60°C, and is supplied with a built in cooling coil. Operation at temperatures below or near ambient  require an external source of chilling. This is provided by a cool liquid, which is passed though the cooling coil.  A low cost recirculating chiller is available from PSL to provide the cooling required. The PSL-Rheotek Chiller is specially designed for operating with the TCB-7MkII bath.

Stability Certificate
All Visibilty baths are supplied with a certificate of  temperature stability and uniformity. Excellent circulation technology provides superior uniformity of temperature in the Visibility Bath.

Specifications: PSL Visibility Bath
Range 20°C to 60°C
Temperature Stability Typical ± 0.015°C
Volume 25 Liters
Heater Capacity 230V 2000W
Heater Capacity 115V 1000W
1000W 500mm x 200mm x 550mm
Internal Depth 400 mm
Net Weight 12 kg
Bath Liquid Silicone oil, mineral oil or de-mineralised water


Part No. Ordering Information
20405-1 PSL Visibility bath (230V/50Hz)
20450 Refrigerated circulator (230V/50Hz)
20420 External background illuminator
1612/01 Calibrated Stop Watch
20430 Viscometer Bench Stand
 F100/A/CAL-4T  F100 digital thermometer

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