Wrist action shaker

Wrist action shaker

Wrist Action Shaker PSL-Rheotek

Suitable for dissolving polyamide in formic acid as well as other polymers and pulp.

Part No. WAS-1

Product Description


The WAS-1 Sample flask shaker holds up to eight sample flasks on two side arms. The vigorous mixing action simulates hand shaking. A built in timer automatically turns the unit off once it has counted down. Alternatively, there is a manual control position for continuous operation.
Robust construction, mounted on rubber feet to absorb vibration and to prevent unnecessary movement on the bench.


Speed range 80 to 800 oscillations/min
Timer (minutes) 10 to 60
Dimensions 780 x 270 x 240mm
Weight 8.3 kg
Electrical supply 230V/50Hz, 50W


Part No. Ordering Information
WAS-1 Flask shaker, 8 positions, 230V/50Hz


Part No. Accessories
RSS040 40 mL glass vials (pack of 144 pcs)
RSS041 Cap with hole, for glass vials (500 pcs)