RPV-1 Pulp and Cellulose Viscometer System PSL-Rheotek

RPV-1 Pulp and Cellulose Viscometer System PSL-Rheotek

The PSL Rheotek RPV-1 Pulp glass capillary viscometer system is suitable for measuring a wide range of pulp and cellulose products including bleached wood (paper pulp), bleached chemical pulp, digester samples, cotton linters, regenerated cellulose, aged electrical papers and pharmaceutical bulking materials.
RPV-1 Pulp & Cellulose viscometer systems are configured with a unique nitrogen purge system in order to ensure that samples are protected from oxidation during both the sample preparation and viscosity test.

The RPV-1 is designed to be integrated with the SP-2 Sample Preparation system for pulp & cellulose.

Other options include Pulp stirring block and RSS Rheotek Smart Sampler.

Model No. RPV-1 Pulp

Test Methods:
ISO 5351 Determination of limiting viscosity number of pulps.
SCAN-CM 15:99 Viscosity in cupriethylenediamine solution.
ASTM D1795 Intrinsic Viscosity of Cellulose.
TAPPI T 230 Viscosity of pulp (capillary viscometer method)
PACTAC G.24P Cupriethylenediamine Viscosity of Pulp.


Product Description


The PSL Rheotek RPV-1 Pulp & Cellulose viscometer system automatically measures the viscosity of a solution of pulp, paper or cellulose dissolved in cupriethylenediamine (also known as CED or Cuene).
The RPV-1 Pulp & Cellulose viscometer automates the manual steps set out in standard methods, minimizing the variability of results.
Systems can be configured with 1 to 4 measuring positions. Other options include sample preparation, sample agitation and auto sampler.
Flow times are measured automatically using ASTM Ubbelohde viscometer tubes supplied with ISO 17025 certificates of calibration.
Cleaning is carried out in-situ utilizing solvents and a safe vacuum system.
The comprehensive RPV-1 software program records all measurement data as well as calculating a wide range  of results including relative viscosity, intrinsic viscosity (Limiting Viscosity Number), degree of polymerization (DP), K value, kinematic viscosity (mm²/s) and dynamic viscosity (mPa.s).

Typical applications and configurations 
Test Method Solvent Concentration Temperature RPV-1 Pulp measuring positions
ISO 5351 CED solution 0.2-0.5% 25°C 2 to 4
ASTM D1795 CED solution 0.1-1% 25°C 1 to 4
T230 CED solution 0,5% 25°C 1 to 4
G.24P CED solution 0,5% 25°C 1 to 4


PSL Viscometer tube types: AKV Ubbelohde or AKV Cannon Fenske Routine