During the current supply chain crisis, many manufacturers are forced to investigating alternative supply channels for raw material. Due diligence dictates, that these challenges are addressed in good time to ensure smooth ongoing operation.

However, introducing polymeric raw material from a new supplier in your manufacturing process is no simple and easy switch over. In order to manage the risk of disruption of process, having your own data on the new material will be very useful. In the polymer applications laboratory at Poulten Selfe & Lee Limited we have a full suite of PSL Rheotek Automated polymer viscometers installed.

You can send your samples to us for solution viscosity testing in full compliance with international test methods. Having your own data will allow you to verify the data on the technical data sheet from an untested source for raw material. Having your own data will allow you to challenge any discrepancies in the data, before it’s too late.

Send your enquiry for polymer sample testing to sales@psl-rheotek.com