Solution Viscosity Testing

The PSL Polymer Testing Laboratory (based in the United Kingdom) is equipped with RPV-1 and RPV-2 viscometers for testing the solution viscosity of a wide range of polymers, cellulose and pulp.

The PSL Polymer Testing Laboratory can provide analysis of the following types of polymers:

PET – ASTM D4603 – ISO 1628 – ASTM D2857

PA – ASTM D789 – ISO 307

PVC – ASTM D1243 – ISO 1628

PP/PE (including UHMW) – ASTM D4020 - ASTM D1601 – ISO 1628

Pulp, cellulose – ASTM D1795 – Tappi T230 – ISO 5351

As well as any other type of polymer that can be dissolved in organic or inorganic liquids The following solution viscosity apparatus is used by the laboratory: RPV-2 AutoPET RPV-2 with iSP-1 RPV-1 Gen. 2 AutoPulpIVA (intrinsic viscosity of cellulose) RPV-1 Gen. 2 with iSP-2 (viscosity of cellulose) RPV-1 HT (high temperature PP and PE)

The laboratory can provide an efficient turnaround of sample testing. Testing will be carried out in full compliance with ASTM, ISO or customer specified methods. In particular, samples will be prepared on a weight to weight basis using the ISP-1 or iSP-2 sample preparation systems. An optional control standard can be run for each viscometer measuring position for each batch of samples measured. These can also be supplied for internal customer quality control purposes.

Results reported will typically include:

Sample ID and description

Details of the viscometer configuration used for testing

Concentration (including exact sample and solvent weight)

Dissolution conditions (temperature and time)

Average solvent flow time and interim flow times with precision obtained

Average solution flow time and interim flow times with precision obtained

Glass capillary viscometer (type, size, serial number constant)

Testing temperature (including verification of temperature by certified reference thermometer)

All calculated results, including: Relative viscosity, Specific viscosity, Reduced viscosity Inherent viscosity to 3 significant places Intrinsic viscosity to 3 significant places.


Technical consultation

For each set of results submitted, PSL Rheotek will provide one-hour email or telecom technical support to discuss methodology and/or results reported.

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