PET Standards ASTM D4603

PET Standards ASTM D4603

Reference polymer values are measured in accordance with ASTM D4603 (Standard Test Method for Determining Inherent Viscosity of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) (PET) by Glass Capillary Viscometer) using the PSL Rheotek RPV-2 (2) AutoPET Polymer Viscometer and F100 digital reference thermometer.

The mean value was obtained from multiple sample preparations. Each determination was made by measuring a preparation of the sample in accordance with the method stated above.

Intrinsic viscosity results were automatically calculated by the built-in software using the Billmeyer equation.


Example RESULT

Intrinsic Viscosity

Mean Value Measured

0.798 dL/g

Standard Deviation of the mean

0.005 with 9 degrees of freedom


Each bottle supplied has an excess of what it is required for 3 sample preparations of 30 mL, this is deliberately done so in case the customer looses one chip or if they need one extra preparation repeat.

Poulten Selfe and Lee Ltd has many years of experience in dilute solution viscosity. This reference sample gives the customer a direct comparison with results generated on preparations of the same sample by the PSL Polymer Testing Laboratory. Please feel free to share your data with Poulten Selfe and Lee Ltd. We will be pleased to discuss your solution viscosity results.

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