Pulp and Cellulose

The RPV-1 Gen.2. is suitable for testing a wide range of pulps, cellulose and electrical papers.

A nitrogen purge system is built into the viscometer system to provide an inert gas to the sample vials, viscometer and loading path (for auto sampler configurations).

Configurations include:

  • 2 to 4 measuring positions
  • Auto sampler delivery of samples
  • Full integration (AutoPulpIVA) including the automatic delivery of the CED solution.


The RPV-1 Gen.2 provides a fully automated isolution for the viscosity testing of pulp and cellulose. In recent years, mills around the world have been increasingly changing their process to dissolving pulp in order to serve the market for raw material for viscose. PSL Rheotek offers the highest level of automation available for test method compliant viscosity testing of pulp in the production plant laboratory.