PET - Intrinsic Viscosity - ASTM D4603

The PSL Rheotek RPV-2 determins the Inherent Viscosity of Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate)/PET in dilute solution using glass capillary viscometers in accordance with ASTM D4603.

The test method requires a 0.5% concentration of PET dissolved in 60/40 phenol/1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane solution. Solvent and solution flow times are measured at 30 deg. C using the same 1B size of suspended-level Ubbelohde type viscometer for both measurements.

The method requires that three successive flow times are obtained within 0.2s of the mean. The RPV-2 software automatically calculates the Intrinsic Viscosity from each single determination using the Billmeyer equation.

The dual position RPV-2 (2) is an ideal configuration as well as the four position RPV-2 (4). The iSP-1 Sample Preparation system can be used in conjunction with the RPV-2 to prepare samples on a precise weight to weight basis. Dissolution is carried out using a reaction block with stirring and heating at 110 deg. C with a programmable timer. (SD-BM).

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2 item(s)