RPV-1 Gen.3 Polymer Viscometer

The RPV-1 Generation 3 provides an updated platform for the widely used RPV-1 Polymer and Pulp Viscometer.

The RPV Generation 3 provides a compact modular viscometer system suitable for measuring a wide range of polymer applications.

New features include:

  • Gen.3 Viscometer Control Module with the latest embedded electronics
  • Gen.3 nIR optical measuring heads 
  • A choice of viscometer baths - EVS Viscometer Bath (with built in solid state cooling) as well as the TCB-7 viscometer bath which can accommodate up to 4 measuring positions
  • A wider selection of glass capillary tubes - ASTM Ubbelohde, (DIN) micro-Ubbelohde, RPVm, ISO 1628 Part 3 and ISO5351 (T and C tubes)

Intrinsic Viscosity or IV is an important quality parameter for polymers. Measurement of IV of any polymer involves dissolving the polymer in a solvent and running the solution through a glass capillary viscometer. Exact procedures for all the commonly used polymers are given in International Test methods under ISO, ASTM, DIN, IEC, etc. Product specifications typically require the IV to measured on method compliant equipment.

The RPV-1 is ideally suited to Pharmaceutical applications, such as polylactides (PLA) and Hyaluronic acid (HA) - in accordance with US Pharmacopeia 911 (viscosity) and European Pharmacopeia Methods.  The RPV-1 software is 21 CFR-11 compliant, and PSL Rheotek will provide IQ/OQ validation testing as well as annual maintenance.

At PSL Rheotek, we have been supplying process industry and medical laboratories with compliant instrumentation for 20 years.


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