PLA Inherent and Intrinsic Viscosity

The RPV-1 Gen. 2 Polymer viscometer determines the Inherent Viscosity and Intrinsic Viscosity of polylactic acid (PLA) in dilute solution using glass capillary viscometers in accordance with US Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia methods. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a biodegradable, biocompatible, non-toxic and eco-friendly polymer. Typical applications include moulded screws, tissue engineering and orthopedic devices. The iSP-1 integrated sample preparation module can be set up to prepare different concentrations for Intrinsic Viscosity. The RPV-1 software automatically calculates the Intrinsic Viscosity from the reduced viscosity and the Inherent Viscosity. The dual position RPV-1 (2) RSS Viscometer is an ideal configuration for this method. The configuration includes the Rheotek Smart Autosampler, two automated measuring positions and in-situ cleaning. The system can be integrated with a reaction station for stirring samples as well as the iSP-1. The iSP-1 integrated Sample Preparation system can be used in conjunction with the RPV-1 to prepare samples on a precise weight to weight basis, taking into account the filler content of the sample. Dissolution is carried out using a reaction block with magnetic stirring. The RPV-1 software is 21-CFR-11 compliant.

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